We’re getting GREENER all the time!
At ink4 we are committed to being “Environmentally Responsible” both now and in the future.
We believe all individuals and companies have a responsibility to protect, preserve and sustain the world we live in for ourselves and future generations. We have implemented a number of initiatives including the recycling of all our primary waste which consists of paper based products and metal printing plates. We have also taken a leadership position in converting our manufacturing process to include vegetable based inks and chemical free plate processing.

Vegetable-based Inks

Ink4 uses vegetable-based inks.

Chemistry-Free Plates

Our direct-to-plate processing is “Free” from any hazardous chemicals. We offer high quality plate processing using Glunz & Jensen Raptor technology that minimizes the use of chemicals and water, benefiting both the environment and overall processing costs.

Paper Options & Recycling

Critical to our environmental position is the commitment of our paper suppliers. They take all aspects of environmental stewardship seriously. They provide a wide variety of environmentally responsible printing paper choices. These choices can contain fiber that is recycled and/or comes from forests that have been independently certified as well-managed, sustainable and operated by land owners that plant more trees each year than they harvest.

Should you decide to consider a more environmentally friendly solution to your paper requirements, we can help. An ink4 representative will be glad to provide you with information regarding “GREENER” options now available that will meet your unique requirements.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We are committed to maintaining a position of leadership in environmental responsibility. For more information on our green initiatives and our Spartanburg-based facility, call us at (864) 576-1109.