Paper Tips

As your full-service commercial printing company, Ink4 offers these paper tips to make your next project great. Got questions? Contact one of our printing specialists at (864) 576-1109.

  • The most difficult job in selecting the right paper is the overwhelming number of options available.
  • Becoming educated regarding your options is critical.
  • Paper is primarily categorized as coated, uncoated and specialty.
  • Uncoated paper generally requires more drying time.
  • Cost can be the major consideration when considering paper selection.
  • White is by far the most popular color of choice. However, selecting the right shade of white can be a job within itself.
  • The primary considerations in paper selection are surface, color, brightness, opacity, grain, basis weight, caliper (thickness), bulk, sheet size and quantity.
  • Sheet size is primarily determined by the size of the press it will run on.
  • Paper is categorized text or cover. Cover weight stocks heavier in weight, more rigid and more difficult to fold.
  • Ink coverage, especially heavy ink coverage, at folds can and will cause cracking. Make sure you discuss this with you printing consultant.
  • Aqueous coating can resolve drying issues especially with coated paper.
  • The most common text weight paper is 50#, 60#, 70#80# and 100#
  • The most common cover weight stocks are 65#, 80#, 100#, 120# and 12 pt.
  • Common weights for bond and writing stocks is 20#, 24# (preferred) and 28#.

Paper Weight Tables

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