File Submission Tips

Ink4 accepts files in a wide variety of file formats. The preferred format is In Design. The most frequently used is high-res PDF. Other acceptable formats are Illustrator, Quark Xpress and Photoshop. Publisher, PowerPoint and Word are not recommended.

Offset Printing considerations

  • It is always best to send native files. InDesign files are preferred. All document fonts and images must be included.
  • PDFs – when sending a PDF please make sure you re-open and thoroughly review the file in Reader or Acrobat Professional before sending. Doing this will reduce the possibility of any font, low resolution images and “corrupt” files producing an undesired result.
  • PDFs– fonts should always be embedded.
  • Ink4 performs a pre-flight and visual inspection of all files. If needed corrections are identified the customer will be notified. For an additional charge Ink4 will make required changes based on the amount of time that is required. Once corrected, the customer is required to approve the new file before going to press. Ink4’s requires sign off on a hard copy proof or written approval (email) for all PDFs.
  • Low resolution images – all images should be high resolution (greater than 150 dpi; preferably 300 dpi). Low resolution images produce very poor quality images that can look different from what is seen on a PDF. Low to high resolution image conversion must occur before file submission.
  • Bleeds insufficient – We require files with 1/8” bleeds on all jobs that use bleeds.
  • Files designed with colors in RGB should be converted to CMYK. RGB files rarely convert colors as desired or seen on a monitor when converted to CMYK format.
  • All black type should be 100% black not a rich CMYK build. This can cause “under color” issues.
  • Spot colors should be clearly defined and identified before being sent to ink4.
  • Make sure the file is sized to match the size stated on the estimate.
  • Ink4 requires a signed hard copy proof or an approved PDF before going to press.
  • Ink4 performs a visual and pre-flight inspection for all off-set jobs. If any questions occur from this inspection the customer will be contacted. At the request of the customer, Ink4 will provide additional file review and correction for an additional charge. Once changes have been made, the customer must review and sign off on the proof or approve the PDF before going to press.

Digital Printing considerations

  • Digital jobs are visually inspected and pre-flighted if necessary. As a general rule digital PDF jobs are assumed to be “print ready”.
  • If the PDF is not “print ready” Ink4 will contact our customer for further instruction. Ink4 will only make file changes at the request of the customer. Depending on the time required to fix the file, there may be an additional charge for this service. If the file
  • PDFs – fonts should always be embedded.
  • Color and overprint issues may occur if multiple spot colors, transparencies or RGB & CMYK are used in the same file.
  • Digital jobs with toner coverage at the folds are very vulnerable to cracking, even if scored.

Miscellaneous considerations

  • If color matching is critical on a piece that contains coated and uncoated parts make sure the file contains coated and uncoated PMS numbers. (i.e. multi page brochure with uncoated cover and coated internal pages; uncoated envelop with coated enclosed communication).

Acceptable Compression Utilities

  • Stuffit (Mac); WinZip (Windows)