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Ready to send us your design and/or mailing list files?

We’ve created three easy and hassle-free methods for sending us your projects. If you have any questions, please call us at (864) 576-1109.

Now… let’s get started!

Method 1 – WeTransfer

Are you looking for the most simple way to send us your files?  WeTransfer is a secure, easy to use cloud-based file sharing service for files from 2GB to 200GB.  More than 1 billion files are transferred everyday.

Simply click on the link below to be directed to our personal upload page via WeTransfer all you need is your email address and of course your file.


Method 2 – Web Based Upload

A quick and easy way to send us small files (10MB max). If you have a larger project, check out our other options below.

Send File

Method 3 – FTP Upload

With an FTP user account, you can submit files without downloading a special application. Contact your customer service representative at (864) 576-1109 for login details.